over the moon
  1. the meaning behind my url: tts is the sub unit of snsd..n yea pretty much it
  2. weakness: boys or internet..
  3. why I love my best friend: my best friends make me happy and care for me! 
  4. last time I cried and why: i think talking to my mom like weeks ago
  5. piercings I have:  none
  6. favourite band/s: snsd, infinite, shinee, bestie
  7. biggest turn on: funny
  8. biggest turn off: rude/disrespectful people
  9. tattoos I want: none right now
  10. age: eighteen
  11. ideas of a perfect date: walking around a museum just discussing things and learning about the other person, or walking by the beach hand in hand eating ice cream hehe
  12. life goal(s): i want to be happy and content with what i have
  13. piercings I want: none
  14. relationship status: single lol
  15. favourite movie: i don’t really have one..
  16. phobia: spiders!
  17. name: matt

ABC's of Yoona→Ethereal